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Barton Morris

Principal Broker

Barton Morris is the principal attorney and founder of the Cannabis Legal Group, specializing in all marijuana-related legal issues including business law, corporate law, licensing, consulting, land use, and real property. Barton Morris. As principal attorney of the Cannabis Legal Group and Law Offices of Barton Morris, he is a pioneer in the industry and easily one of most reputable names in the cannabis legal industry since 2010. Cannabis Legal Group (CLG) continues to be one of the largest and most highly respected law firms in the state of Michigan and Barton’s track record in cannabis law and compliance speaks for itself.

During his many years of providing stellar legal counsel, Barton identified the challenges his clients faced in buying and selling real estate, as well as the red tape involved with mergers and acquisitions where existing property and businesses were involved. He established CLG Realty Advisors to assist his clients. Now he is offering the real estate brokerage services to the entire Michigan cannabis industry.

Barton Morris, Principal Broker